M6 & MIG: The S&P Team Motivation Builder Toolkit for Leaders

What must go into your Motivation Skills training program for Leaders? If you are a Senior Leader or L&D Manager, keep reading!

In this blog post, coaches Suresh and Piyush share “M6 & MIG”, their S&P (Suresh & Piyush) Motivation Builder Model & Toolkit for Leaders.

Click on the links below to know more about “M6 & MIG”, and take off!


Click here ->  The S&P M6 Jigsaw Model

The M6 Jigsaw Model introduces you to the six “Must-Have” Themes for your Motivation Program. You’ll unleash the true potential of your people when these six elements work together. The transformative power is truly immense.


Click here ->   The S&P MIG Toolkit

The MIG Toolkit can be used in designing your training program format.

Use the MIG Toolkit for structured insight generation. We have given several questions that will help leaders to reflect and generate a nuanced understanding of their motivation patterns, challenges and possibilities.

These insights will enable your leaders to become very adept at motivating their teams. That’s the route to a sustainable high performance culture.

You can use MIG to design learning activities based on peer and group discussions, and also self-reflection. Ensure that the insights are always channeled into practical actionable items.

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Best Regards,

Suresh Sivaraman & Piyush Sharma

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